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The aim of this photo exhibition is to improve Songa Mbele's conditions (at Mukuro, Nairobi, Kenya).

There is no drinking watter or electricity and many kids have phisycal or mental diseases. They eat a bowl of beans per day.

The photos of 'Slums by slums' exhibition are taken by the kids at the orphanage. This fundraising initiative is to enhace their day-to-day.


-40x50 printed on foam and framed: 50€

-40x50 printed on foam: 30€

-40x50 printed: 20€

-notebooks: 3€

You can visit it at Café sin nombre (Calle Conde Duque nº 10, Madrid) from 01.04 to 28.04 and buy a photo. You can also buy online: send us an                   with your name, adress, phone number and name of the photo you want. We will send you the photo within 7 days.

Songa Mbele Orphanage


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